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Oil and Natural Gas as a Tool Against Putin?
Monday, April 21st - Offices of Mayer Brown

Elizabeth Rosenberg, Center for New American Security, argues that the call for energy independence may not be in America's national security and economic interest. 
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Muslim Integration into Europe and the U.S.
Thursday, April 17th - Evening Program

Mehdi Hasan, political director of The Huffington Post UK, will discuss how Muslim communities in the West can better integrate into society.  

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Muslims have integrated most successfully into which European country (related program, Thursday, April 17th):

 United Kingdom



Connecting with Europe:
Past, Present, and Future

The World Affairs Council has been awarded a grant from the European Union (EU) Delegation of the European Commission. The Getting to Know Europe grant will be used to promote knowledge of the EU, its inception, institutions, policies and international role in the world today.