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Cuba: What Every American Needs to Know
Wednesday, April 30th - Evening Program

Julia Sweig, Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, argues that reengaging Cuba is extremely important in light of the shifting role it currently occupies in the global community. 
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Kim Jong Un's North Korea 
Thursday, May 8th - Evening Program

Bruce Bechtol, professor at Angelo State University, will discuss Kim Jong Un's aggressive display of power and the evolving power structure in the regime. 

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Regarding Cuba, should the U.S. increase or decrease the current level of economic sanctions (related program Wed. April 30th & travel with the Council to Cuba in December)?




Connecting with Europe:
Past, Present, and Future

The World Affairs Council has been awarded a grant from the European Union (EU) Delegation of the European Commission. The Getting to Know Europe grant will be used to promote knowledge of the EU, its inception, institutions, policies and international role in the world today.